Hi, I’m Liyana. I’m a communications practitioner, strategic documenter, and poet. I currently focus on organising information, knowledge creation from lived realities, and facilitating interdependence in Global South movements.

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A decade of storytelling and narratives are the driving force of my entire comms skill-set. I spent my 20s engaging urban and young communities online and offline for clients as well as in my creative projects.

After working in advocacy to register and empower youth voters ahead of the historic 2018 Malaysian elections, I decided to spend my 30s in movements, sustainability, and gender justice— exploring my most meaningful and satisfying work yet.

Here’s what I do. For consultation opportunities, contracts, and collaborations I’m open to, please see what I want.

People like my voice too: here’s my VO rate card.

If you enjoy reallocating your resources to women*, I accept and appreciate tips through PayPal and support for the initiatives listed here.