I am available and open to:

  1. Documentation consultant opportunities to capture, sort, and analyse what is emerging from conversations on any scale. Let’s map and connect ourselves to a future we mutually want (convenings only until August 2019)

  2. Full-time employment opportunities (at least 1-2 years) within the women’s movement (from August 2019)

  3. Opportunities (partially or fully funded) for further study of power, climate change, and intimacy in Global South contexts. I am planning to earn a Masters, but also welcome invitations for short-term learning exchanges. I’m invested in knowledge creation, especially from within the Islamic tradition that is women*-driven, decolonised, and challenges violence against diversity. (2019-2024)

  4. A feminist Spanish or French tutor willing to work remotely and with my specific learning focus (2019 onwards)

  5. Voiceover work (always)

If you want to work together, or know someone I should talk to, contact me here!