This page is inspired by Syar’s recommendations, which in turn was inspired by Ann Friedman. The list is not definitive; if you think something or someone should be added (or removed) here, come let me know.


Afi Noor for poetry teaching/event organisation, writing/translation, and Kpop knowledge

Alia Ali for food knowledge, writing/translations, and private pranayama classes.

Al Ibrahim for video, photography, and artistic collaborations

Amanda Ang for this all-girl music/events collective, and she’s a DJ (footwork, juke, jungle, house, hiphop, bass spectrum genres)

Amani Azlin for creative direction, portraits, and photo workshops

Anjali Venugopal for art/design, writing, film/theatre

Ayushma Regmi for workshop design and facilitation, art writing, and alternative education

Boon for intuitive haircuts that I fully trust

Cass Grant for storytelling (including zines), community development, and tarot

Deborah Augustin for lifestyle journalism, fiction/copy editing, and social media curation

Dhiyanah Hassan for art, writing, and energy work

Furzann Sokri for coffee and service industry knowledge/training

Gemma Dass for dog training, music, and writing

Grace Wong for writing, beauty copywriting, and makeup artistry

Hanna Alkaf for writing The Weight Of Our Sky, talks, and workshops on creative writing for different age groups

Illya Sumanto for sustainable living (insect farming and distillation of medicinal plants), spoken word education, and healing witch circles

Kavya Murthy for writing/editing, mango talk, and tango in India

Lainie Yeoh for communications consultation, arts person knowledge, social media strategy/management.

Ling Low for writing, video directing, and journalism

Lizzie Zany for illustrations, art directing, and graphic design

Louise Tan for workshops on consent, gender violence, cat-sitting

Melizarani T Selva for spoken word, storytelling, and journalism

Mooza Mohd for youth work, drama education, and kundalini yoga

Nadia Rasidi for academia, research, writing/editing on pop culture, fat positivity, and more

Nadira Ilana for filmmaking (fiction & non-fiction), Sabah’s cultural heritage/history, and community building through films

Nadya Zahirah for pop culture writing, proofreading/transcribing, and English teaching

Nana for creative writing, Eng-BM-Eng translation and English teaching

Natasha (rotten0ppai) for dance, modelling, and student life

Ng Su Ann for lifestyle PR, making playlists, and feature writing on culture, music, and personalities

Samantha Cheh for television, writing of all kinds, and Pacific Rim

Shafina Sukiman for stand-up comedy, inclusive media work as producer/writer, and pop culture takes

Sharanya Manivannan for tremendous poetry, fiction, and her column

Sharon Chin for environmental, political, and social art that is beautiful and brave

Sheena Baharuddin for literary education, performance poetry, and Jawi calligraphy

Shika Corona for visual art, zines, and music (with the band Tingtongketz)

Shreya Ila Anasuya, writer, managing editor of Skin Stories

Smaran Dayal for playlists, postcolonial studies, and NYC inanities

Syar S Alia for being my best collaborator in all we do, and tarot reads

Tina Carmillia for mobile journalism training, reporting and commentary on: science, health, environment, intersectional indigenous issues (gender, post-colonial discourse, biopiracy of traditional knowledge)

Yukta Bajracharya for non-fiction writing, creative event organising, poetry workshop design and facilitation

Zana Fauzi for tech and design writing, digital project management, and social media strategy

Zedeck Siew for speculative fiction writing, Eng-BM-Eng translation, and role-playing games


Photo: Julia Bomsdorf, 2019

Photo: Julia Bomsdorf, 2019

Amazing Malaysian, a cookbook by Norman Musa

The Ascent of Woman, a series on Netflix by Dr Amanda Foreman charting 10,000 years of women in the world

‘Believing Women’ In Islam, a book by Asma Barlas

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe and her visual manifesto

Emergent Strategy, a book by adrienne maree brown

Modern Love, a podcast by WBUR and New York Times

Qur’an and Women, a book by Dr. amina wadud

Salted Gula Melaka ice cream by The Last Polka

Spiced Chocolate, my Spotify playlist of non-English music

Steven Universe, a cartoon TV show by Rebecca Sugar

the YouTube channels of Lindsay Ellis and ContraPoints